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ADEC Electrical provides turn-key commercial electrical solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, customer service and safety.

Whether you're in need of a new install or have an existing system that needs maintenance or troubleshooting, our skilled team is experienced with getting these systems in place so your business stays online and running -- giving you have one less thing to think about.

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Building Automation Systems

Simple or complex, we can design and install any system that will make your process run smoother and more efficiently

Even if you don't know how, chances are we can help streamline your operation. We have installed Building Automation Systems in schools, hospitals, community centres, offices, towers, warehouses, and community housing.

you’re one of the lucky few that are already streamlined then congratulations! For your business, we can service or further modify your system to make sure you're always operating at 110%.

The automation department is also in charge of our control panel manufacturing. Whether we engineer it or you just need a panel built, we have the facilities to serve your needs. Wiring of energy management systems is in tandem with mechanical wiring as refers to the computer control portion of the installation. From small buildings to large facilities, this would include computer-controlled temperature in spaces, cooling equipment, heating equipment, lighting, ventilation, fresh air intake, UV air sterilization.

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Mechanical & Equipment Wiring

From chillers, cooling towers, boilers, diesel fueling systems, printing presses to MRI scanners, we have the experience to get these systems up and running so your business stays online and running. 

Whether it is a new install or an existing system that needs troubleshooting, we install and maintain controls systems for all sorts of mechanical equipment. Generally this work is done for mechanical contractors so they don’t have to try and tackle this daunting scope of work themselves. The ADEC Electrical team is so good at what we do that we even have electrical contractors hire us to do this for them! 

This includes all sorts of interlocks, boiler controls, cooling towers, chillers, heat tracing, snow melting, dampers, split system interlocks, gas detection systems, UV air sterilization in ventilation equipment.

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At ADEC Electrical, we create solutions that help our clients control anything, from anywhere. If you need a push button on the wall to launch a confetti-filled balloon or a control system for a conveyor, we make controls as simple or as complex as they come. 

We can install push buttons, levers and switches to make anything -- or a series of things -- go or stop in sequence. We also build those mysterious grey boxes usually with green & red lights, buttons, screens etc that you may have seen in factories, mechanical rooms, warehouses. 

We truly take the mystery out of it, making things happen at the push of a button.

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Car Chargers

Having car chargers installed at work can be a daunting undertaking. Depending how many chargers there are and where they are located, even a few chargers can become a complex installation requiring more than just electrical work to wire them. On occasion, we've also handled digging and repairing a parking lot, running wiring through finished office areas, or even an electrical system upgrade. 

Whether it is one single charger or a network of chargers, we not only run the wiring but can also take care of all the associated civil works as well to provide our customers with a one-stop experience.

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VFD is short for variable frequency drive. In other words, it can efficiently control the speed of a motor. VFD’s are becoming more affordable and, with the growing demand for energy savings, VFDs are a great solution for saving wasted energy on motors running full speed when they don’t need to. 

We supply and install one or multiple VFD’s on various motors to reduce energy usage. The added benefit to having a VFD is, on top of the energy savings, you now have the full speed control of the motor at the same time that can be integrated into other control systems like a BAS or other control system.